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The Home of Golf Collection

Welcome to the first edition of the Home of Golf Crystal Collection from Scotland - the birthplace of golf.

Each piece has been commissioned in Scotland by Galloway Crystal and Glass whose designers have crafted a range of designs based on the early days of golf in St Andrews. Each picture has then been painstakingly interpreted by the company's expert team of crystal engravers. Items are uniquely presented in storybook tartan lined presentation boxes which chart the early beginnings of the game in Scotland and a numbered edition certificate is included.

The collection has been brought together to cover the complete demands of a golf event prize list, from tee prize awards at the start of the day to eventual trophy winners at the end of it.

For our full product range, go to Galloway Glass Products Index.

HOG01 - The crystal bowl.
HOG01 - Crystal bowl.
HOG02 - The crystal decanter set.
HOG02 - Crystal decanter set.
HOG03 - The crystal block set.
HOG03 - Crystal block set.
HOG04 - Set of two double old fashioned cut and engraved crystal whisky glasses.
HOG04 - Set of two
crystal whisky glasses.
HOG05 - Nightcap set (miniature crystal decanter and two shot glasses).
HOG05 - Nightcap set.
HOG06 - Tall trophy.
HOG06 - Tall trophy.
HOG07 - The crystal quaich.
HOG07 - Crystal quaich.
HOG08 - Triangularcrystal vase.
HOG08 - Triangular
crystal vase.

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